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Chris Wright

Risk managment, specialist debt & credit advisor

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Due Diligence

Nobody wants unpleasant surprises and if you are to protect against this it takes work. It’s about asking the right questions, historically that’s why its done by experts. Many people buying a pub will do the due diligence themselves, this is usually because the money involved doesn’t warrant the expense of professional advisers as the trade is seen by many as a relatively simple one.

Rent Setting for Pubs

What should ordinarily be a straight forward, decision-making process, ends up by being one of the most easily manipulated to anyone not fully informed or aware. The establishment of  ‘open market rental value’ is a straight forward issue of calculation reliant upon honesty, experience and skill.   However, all too often the rent is dictated by the Freeholder or Landlord on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis.  The open market rental value should represent what  would be paid by the ‘Reasonably Efficient Operator’ (REO) and based upon Fair Maintainable Trade (FMT) . You can perform a simplified rent calculation to establish a fair level of rent for free by clicking here 

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