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Pubs Code Scotland - SLTA


Pubs code for Scottish Tied Pubs

Pubco reform campaigners (which includes the Pubs Advisory Service amoungst them) have urged the newly-elected Scottish Government to make a pubs code for Scotland a priority for the new parliament.

section 25 notice


Section 25 notice:

At the end of a lease for a pub, the lease will not actually expire until it is terminated. (note unless contracted out of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954)

MRO Presentation Video - Recap

MRO Presentation by Simon Clarke

A chance to recap on where we was back in June 2015.

To see Simon and the rest of the PAS team speak about the new pubs code and what it can do for your pub business book your place today and we'll look forward to seeing you in London in 2 weeks time.

MRO Present Situation (taken in June 2015) - Simon Clarke - PAS


Pubs Code MRO workshop event - May 11th 2016 - Update

lord snape 

BREAKING NEWS: We are delighted to announce Lord (Peter) Snape will be giving the opening speech to delegates, he is part of the Lords business team that helped shape the pubs code and steer the changes through the house - don't miss out!

UPDATE 3/5/16 Lord Snape is unable to join us as he has to attend a funeral - sorry for the late notice, we are seeking a replacement speaker.

May 11th at 11am - at the Underbelly in Hoxton London  possibly the most important event to hit the pubs trade for a generation - a chance to discuss and pick apart the new pubs code with the countries formost MRO experts Simon Clarke - Chris Wright - Dave Mountford. Space is limited, tenants and lessees get priority booking

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