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50 Questions to ask a Pub Company

The market is awash with pubs to let, either under a tenancy or a lease agreement. There is also a growing market for self-employed managers (more on that later) but if you don't know they take a % of the sales to pay for staffing the pub. The issue remains in how to sort a good deal from a bad one, if you've never been in the trade our list is designed to help you by asking key questions. If you get answers to all of them that is great, you are going to be in a fantastic position to make an informed choice before you sign up. However the more question unanswered or avoided (typical non-answer "every pub is different" etc) is bad news and you risk making a leap of faith. if you get lots of missed or non answers the alarm bells should be ringing loudly as the biggest pub companies in Britain have been running rent models for decades now, they have extensive data on the costs the sales and the numbers that work so there should be no reason not to have any answers. Download the 50 Questions here. 50 Questions For expert help with…

Pub Rent Assessment Calculator - PRA version

SIMPLIFIED (short version) NO WORSE OFF RENT ASSESSMENT FOT V TIED PUBS Ready reckoner for assessing Tied rents against FOT - are you worse off?  To comment further down you'll need to be registered as a member, click here for membership. To use calc: Fill in the following seven boxes, overwrite the suggested figures we've supplied or leave them be, hit calculate, then email the results to your inbox, note the Tied+ box is added to the tied cost box so to get to Tied+ costs of 40% you need to have 38% in the tied cost box and 2% in the Tied+ if you want to work out brewers barrels see comments at the bottom of the page. Brewers Barrels (36 gal) Est Food as proportion of all sales Est turnover (FMT) :   FREE OF TIE       TIED   FOT GP   Tied GP Tied +   Tied cost (Tied + is the extra cost due to absence of any SCORFA / Counterveiling benefits)       Rent bid (eg 50%)         Calculate Hit the calculate button then enter your email below to get the full calculation which will include a side by side…

MRO Pubs Video

Access to our full length MRO video presentations and Slideshows requires PAS membership or a MRO Event Ticket to be purchased -  All ticket holders will be notified of their membership and given a log-in. Those not attending MRO Events will need to buy membership from our membership page see here Any queries contact the office here  

MRO Events

MRO event - May 11th 2016. Announcing a one day workshop on Market Rent Only Option and the newly published Pub's Code, hear from the pubs code experts - find out what it means to your business.   May 11th at 11am - we are back to the Underbelly in Hoxton London for possibly the most important event to hit the pubs trade for a generation - a chance to discuss and pick apart the new pubs code with the countries formost MRO experts Simon Clarke - Chris Wright - Dave Mountford. Space is limited, tenants and lessee's get priority booking  - If you are not a lessee or tenant please contact the office if you wish to attend this event here. Book your tickets below to reserve your place at this event (non members are charged extra) and don't miss out on what the Pubs Code means to you and your business.   Select PAS Tenant Member £100.00 GBPNon Member Tenant £150.00 GBP Venue 11th May Hoxton - London   Workshop Date: Weds May 11th - 11.00 am (approx 3 hours, doors 10.45 am) Workshop location: Zigfrid von Underbelly - 11 HOXTON SQUARE LONDON N1 6NU ,  Price: PAS Members £100 per delegate / Non…

MRO Advisory Service

Get all the advice on what Market Rent Only means to your pub. MRO & Pubs Code Adjudicator helpline: Call our telephone helpline 0203 650 3351 (24 hours answering machine). Pubs Code MRO workshop May 11th: A UK first with exclusive content from THE code experts happening in London on May 11th. Learn from tied trade experts and major contributors to the Pubs Code Simon Clarke - Chris Wright - David Mountford. Our exclusive content will help tied tenants and lessees get the best possible outcome from this change in thelaw. If you rent or lease a tied pub the Pubs Advisory Service will help you with all things MRO - don't miss out tickets are selling fast. For further details on the event click here Download your copy of MRO: (The Pubs Code regulations) were published by the Minister, Anna Soubry on 15th April get your copy here Become a member and get exclusive pubs code content: Join the PAS click here

Existing Tenants

The PAS service has in a short space of time received a significant number of enquiries from existing pub operators, it would seem that there is a shortfall with current industry service provision and these organisations are unable to assist them, therefore we are proposing to set up a new service for this group. Watch this space.

Jargon and Terms

If you are new to the trade you’ll need to know your FMT from your REO. Some of the common abbreviations and phrases are listed below.

Due Diligence

Nobody wants unpleasant surprises and if you are to protect against this it takes work. It’s about asking the right questions, historically that’s why its done by experts. Many people buying a pub will do the due diligence themselves, this is usually because the money involved doesn’t warrant the expense of professional advisers as the trade is seen by many as a relatively simple one.

Employment Law

There have been a number of successful Employment Tribunal claims against pubs in recent years. Many of these claims could have been avoided if the correct procedures were in place. All too often licensee find that if they had certain practices in place then the claim against them would have been unsuccessful.

Risk & Reward

In order to get the very best start from the pub you are looking at you will need an agreed set of facts, this would usually be the pub advert, figures on cash flow, break evens and gross profit (gp’s). It should also cover (where offered) promises of work to be done, such as redecoration’s or replacing cellar cooling equipment, advertising materials from the pubco and promotional literature perhaps from a recruiting seminar or from a website.


In order to run a pub you will no doubt enter into an agreement with the brewery or pub owner.  This agreement is called a lease or tenancy, if its the first time you’ve ever seen one how will you know if it will help or hinder your intended success.


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How Does Licensing Work? What does it mean for those running a licensed premises? “A lot of problems in relation to a premises licence arise because Licensees and their staff simply do not know enough about the licence that they hold.” Sarah Clover – Barrister

Rent Setting for Pubs

What should ordinarily be a straight forward, decision-making process, ends up by being one of the most easily manipulated to anyone not fully informed or aware. The establishment of  ‘open market rental value’ is a straight forward issue of calculation reliant upon honesty, experience and skill.   However, all too often the rent is dictated by the Freeholder or Landlord on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis.  The open market rental value should represent what  would be paid by the ‘Reasonably Efficient Operator’ (REO) and based upon Fair Maintainable Trade (FMT) . You can perform a simplified rent calculation to establish a fair level of rent for free by clicking here 
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