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Support - Market Rent Only Subscription 

The PAS represents the interests of tied tenants and has been actively engaged with Government for several years, notably the Business Energy & Industrial Strategy department regarding the introduction (for tied tenants) of a Market Rent Only option, a Pubs Code and an Adjudicator to rule on disputes and deliver fairness and "no worse off", regular updates on trade issues that effect tenants continue to be supplied to the Government as we are a recognised stakeholder and we fight our members corner to deliver fairness. We are also supplying pubs code support services as independent professional advisors. 

In recognition of tenants changing needs and in direct response to the complexities the pubs code has thrown up we offer a support service from £80.00 per month, become a member of PAS and get advice that really works, tenants and licensees only. We supply independent expert advice and help with all manner of pub problems to ensure you are no worse off  - for service please use the pay pal button below. Note trade consultants wanting to obtain PAS support or advice should first contact the office here 

Be sure to add PAS value without the cost; to claim the full cost of our service simply add it under "professional fees" on your profit and loss account during rent negotiations, you will further reduce the rent you pay.

Chris Wright

Risk managment, specialist debt & credit advisor

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