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Support - Market Rent Only Subscription 

The PAS represents the interests of tied tenants and has been actively engaged with Government for several years, notably the Business Energy & Industrial Strategy department regarding the introduction (for tied tenants) of a Market Rent Only option, a Pubs Code and an Adjudicator to rule on disputes and deliver fairness and "no worse off", regular updates on trade issues that effect tenants continue to be supplied to the Government as we are a recognised stakeholder and we fight our members corner to deliver fairness. We are also supplying pubs code support services as independent professional advisors. 


Pubs Minister meeting update

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Pubs Minister invited to the closing of Punch pubs.

marcus jones

The RH Marcus Jones - Department for Communities and Local Government -

Dear Mr Jones

On June 15th I contacted your department and enquired about organising a meeting between the Pubs Advisory Service and your self.

I was asked to put that request in writing, which I subsequently did.

I have since followed that request up on 2 separate occasions and despite being informed you would get back to me you have not.

That was nearly a month ago.

It is clear from your lack of response that your do not feel, for whatever reason that it is worthwhile meeting an organisation that represents Tenants and yet feel its perfectly appropriate to promote Punch Taverns and their “investment” of a Pub in your constituency. (Morning Advertiser – 22nd June – “Minister at Opening of transformed community Pub”)

 I thought I would drop you a line to remind you of a few facts. 


Rent Review Examination

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Pubs Advisory Service to undertake forensic examination of Pub Rental Bid

The PAS have committed to follow through in “forensic” detail the rental bid process undertaken by Enterprise Inns at The Midland Hotel, Matlock Derbyshire and report back  to Business and Industry Officials during the secondary legislation process.

Dave Mountford, recognised tied trade expert and major contributor to the MRO Bill has been asked by Mark Robinson an Enterprise Inns Tenant and member of PAS to represent him in his rent review negotiations in an attempt to offer clear transparency in how the process is conducted. 

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