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Ready reckoner for assessing Tied rents against FOT - are you worse off? 

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To use calc: Fill in the following seven boxes, overwrite the suggested figures we've supplied or leave them be, hit calculate, then email the results to your inbox, note the Tied+ box is added to the tied cost box so to get to Tied+ costs of 40% you need to have 38% in the tied cost box and 2% in the Tied+ if you want to work out brewers barrels see comments at the bottom of the page.

Brewers Barrels (36 gal)
Est Food as proportion of all sales
Est turnover (FMT) :
  FREE OF TIE       TIED  
(Tied + is the extra cost due to absence of any SCORFA / Counterveiling benefits)      

Hit the calculate button then enter your email below to get the full calculation which will include a side by side breakdown of how much you and your pubco earn from the two deals. In seconds you can see if you are no worse off.

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  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright Tuesday, 07 July 2015 16:27 Comment Link

    If you're having problems converting firkins or kegs to 36 Gal brewers barrels (BB) simply add up all the gallons of cask (or kegs) you sell and divide by 36 and add them.
    e.g. assume your pub wet sales are 500 9's of ale and 200 11's of lager

    (500 x 9) / 36 = 125 BB
    (200 x11) / 36 = 61.11 BB
    Total BB's 186.11

    This calculator is a guide and should be used as a ready reckoner to help in assessing if you are being over-rented. A longer more detailed version will be coming soon.

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